How to Make a Fringe Denim Jacket: Easy & Cheap DIY

How to make a DIY fringe denim jacket. How to add fringe to a jacket. Cheap and easy upcycle clothing.

This upcycle is extremely beginner-friendly and will cost you less than $5! In this post, I will show you how to add a cute fringe detail to any denim jean jacket. One of my favorite parts of this thrift flip is that if you decide you don't want the fringe anymore, it's very simple to remove with a seam ripper!

Total time to complete this project: 15 minutes!


JACKET: You can start with a jacket you own, find one at the thrift store, or buy a new one. I used one I already owned! I personally love oversized jean jackets like the ones I've found below.

FRINGE: Next you will need some fringe trim. I found mine at my local fabric store but I've linked a couple options below!
                                                                          Fringe Trim for DIY Jean Jacket Upcycle 


1. Cut fringe the width of the back of your jacket.

How to add fringe to a jacket - DIY upcycle tutorial

2. Topstitch the fringe onto your jacket to attach it.

How to thrift flip a jacket - adding fringe to a jean jacket.

When you are done, it should look like this! This upcycle is so simple and you can even swap out the fringe for different colors if you'd like! 

Thrift Flip Denim Jacket - Upcycle Fringe Jacket Tutorial

Hope you liked this upcycle tutorial! Comment if you have any questions.

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